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Nashville Roadside Assistance

nashville roadside assistance

 Dial (615) 779-3275 for emergency roadside assistance in the Nashville TN area 24/7! No matter if you need a jump start, lockout, fuel, spare tire install or a complete battery replacement; we can provide you with the best road service available in Nashville. We offer more services than any other roadside company in the area, from wheel lock removal to on-site battery testing you can rest assured we have what it takes to get you going! Unlike motor clubs, we do not require a membership. All our services are "Pay-Per-Use". Pay only the services you need, when you need them! So what are you waiting for? Call us today!  

 Keys Locked In Your Car?

If you're in a rush, or you're just having one of "those days," don't feel bad when you realize those car keys you're missing are stuck in the ignition and you are locked outside your car. Auto lockout happens to everyone, and Nashville Roadside Assistance is prepared to get you out of your bind. In just minutes, a professional and careful auto technician will safely unlock your car and extract your locked keys from inside with no damage to your vehicle. So what are you waiting for? Let us unlock your car Nashville TN!


Need A Jump Start?

Our service staff will arrive quickly, and make sure to properly make all connections before giving your car's battery the boost it needs. Even if you're in a place with restricted access, such as a parking garage, we'll get your car going with a Jump Box & provide the auto battery jump start service to get you going. We also preform a diagnostic test on your battery and charging system so you know what to expect later down the road, we are the first emergency service in Nashville to offer this service.  Don't slow down your day because your car battery is dead, call today and we'll get you on your way!


Need A New Battery?

We are one of the only services in Nashville that offer emergency battery replacement. We can deliver and install your new car battery in Nashville TN. Call us today and see how we can help get you going again!
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Out Of Fuel?

Whether your fuel gauge is off, or you were just running on fumes trying to get to the closest service station, running out of gas is an inconvenience to anyone's day. Luckily, Nashville Roadside Assistance is equipped with fuel containers and will get to the scene with the type of gasoline you need.

The 2 gallons our driver will bring you will be plenty for you to get your vehicle to a station where you can fill up. Once the driver will get to you with your fuel delivery, you'll be back on the road in minutes. If your car slows to a stop because your tank is empty,call Nashville Roadside Assistance, and we'll get that much needed fuel delivery to you!


Have A Flat Tire?

Tires aren’t meant to last forever, and unless you’re extra prepared and change them beforehand, you’re likely to experience a blow-out while in the middle of your day & then needing a flat tire change. Sometimes brand-new tires will go out because of an obstacle on the road!

Don’t worry, though, with a decent spare, lug wrench, and a jack, you can most likely can change a flat tire and get back on the road, but if you’re unprepared, or just not comfortable working on the side of the road, Nashville Roadside Assistance can be there in no time and perform a flat tire change service by replacing your flat tire with your spare. We can also preform small plug repairs and re inflate your tire to the proper pressure.

we do not sell tires

 Need A Tow?

Nashville Roadside Assistance now offers local towing services 24/7. We offer fast local service with a very competitive rate. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to help with your towing needs!
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